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Quantum Healing Hypnosis

This past life regression session also works with your "Higher Self" or "Source of all Knowledge" to heal on and from a deeper level somnambulistic state). I am Certified from Delores Cannon. Call for pricing.


Akashic Record Readings

These sessions give the client answers from non-physical lightbeings that hold archived records from their soul as it has existed from it's evolution from lifetime to lifetime. Healings take place while in the Records and your Etheric Light Grids get activated. I am Certified in the Pathway Prayer Process of Akashic Record Readings. (For more info, go to you tube for Linda Howe videos). $50.00 30 minutes (sometimes longer)


Meditation Classes for Healing and Wellness

Meditation classes compliment gym activities, Martial Arts, yoga practices, corporate business and such. Meditating is an ancient technique of going within yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically, psychically & spiritually and detaching so one can become neutral & connect with your true self.  Internal wellness is vital to the external physical activities that one chooses on their path. This is a soft form of energetics and can be used to journey, heal, and withdraw from outside objects to release ideas and unfold secrets within the mind for manifestation.        

I include Crystal Singing Bowls to the Meditations to allow a deeper state of relaxation which releases stuck energy inside & outside the body. You will start to notice the ability to remain calm and centered more frequently and a renewed positive attitude in your self. The Chakra system will be addressed in every class and you will be able to take home this valuable information for your home Meditations.  

Phone sessions also available. Call Tania for a more information about Mediation Classes as 781.521.5652 or e-mail her at: merlinsoracle@comcast.net

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The Reconnection & Reconnective Healing

These sessions consist of Light Frequency & Information that are new to the planet at this time. This is not a technique but it is a state of being. Your Axiatonal Lines or "Light" grids re-connect to your higher self and resonating star systems and you become open to healing because you are a part of this frequency anyway. Science has backed this up with Dr. Eric Pearl. For use on people and All animals, domestic, farm & wild. I am a practitioner and can facilitate Reconnective Healings & The Reconnection sessions. (There are many you-tube videos on this from Dr. Eric Pearl. ) You book 3 sessions within 7-10 days but 1 session might only be needed, also healings can take place within minutes. $90.00 for 30 minutes


Atlantean/Lemurian Wands

These wands are used to focus your intent for manifestation and direct your intent for precision, assist in healing work (persona & planetary), meditation, etc......the possibilities are endless. I use them to help others open up to their potential and to work on environment issues. These wands are used for LIGHTWORK ONLY, they will shut down if they are used for anything dark! No two wands are alike. All have different purposes and energies. They are copper and filled with specific crystals, wire wrapped and created from visions I was shown. * A mentor of mine many years ago gets the credit for these, I just revamped and redesigned them differently. Thank you Serge!


Angelic Manifestation Readings

Oracle Readings are an Ancient Divination Tool to support and enhance truth to the participant. I inform all clients that my readings are to assist in guidance, clarity & inspiration. When partaking in these readings, understanding that you are in charge of your destiny and choices is essential. These cards are not meant to disillusion your thoughts but to bring extra knowledge and vision in exploring a deeper understanding of your dreams and desires. The various cards attract what’s already in your sub-conscious bringing them to the surface for examination on other levels. Various oracles I use in combination with each other are:

Archangel   Crystal   Animal
Angel   Mermaids   Saints
Fairy   Dolphin   Mayan


To contact Tania for a reading call 781.521.5652 or e-mail her at: merlinsoracle@comcast.net

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