Monthly Angelic Sage Message

This monthly information will enhance your scope of the ever changing world around you, planetary, personally & consciously. Archangel energy calibrates extremely high at 500,000. It is important to realize that the calibration figures do not represent an arithmetic but a logarithmic progression. Thus, the level 500,000 is not twice the amplitude of 250,000; it is 500,000 to the 10th power. An increase of even a few points therefore represents a major advance in power. What this means is no human can channel or download this divine energy directly. The human body only goes up to 1000 on the Universal Calibration Scale. It's hard enough to be grounded at this level and from 700 & up, the body is seen as merely a tool of consciousness. Your Central Nervous System will basically fry if it was to handle this amount of energy, so only droplets of Divine Messages can occur. (To further understand Kinesiologic calibrations, check out Dr. David Hawkins' best selling book POWER vs FORCE —

How I Prepare for Communication

I get neutral, making sure I'm plugged into my other selves and the Universal energies (see Chinese Energetics page) and clear my pathways of communication. Whatever possible energetic message that the Angelic realm can supply me with working with my calibration, is transmitted through my communication systems and I step out of the way and allow with no judgment. I have to say when this happens, it is a phenomenal sensation and the accuracy is profound!

Always use discernment when reading messages. The negative forces are brilliant and can use many disguises to distort the truth. I use my Clairsentience as a tool for Truth & Integrity and feel if there are any ego based thoughts since I'm still in a Human body.

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