I've been writing Invocations for many many years. They are rhyming prayers to me. Whether you chant them, sing them, invoke aloud or silently contemplate them, you can feel the meaning with intent through your soul. I bring through these expressions with assistance from the Muses, Angels, Archangel Gabriel, Merlin and my true self's expertise of creative wisdom. I inscribe to express the heart's emotion in the form of energetic words. When spirit (GOD) connects with me, in the creative writing mode, the boundless feeling of ones truth and inner desire takes hold and rhyming occurs for a smooth flow of heavenly connectedness. I also write for personal situations for clients. E-mail me for details & prices. My e-newsletter will contain invocations, too. Here are some to enjoy:


Angels shining bright above,
Shimmering wings like a morning dove.
Hearing commands I send to the light,
Take my prayers on wings of flight.

My heavy heart
You do so care,
Your there to mend
Through thought and prayer.
My love for your service
So deep and true,
I also give thanks
And my love to you.

written by Tania Iagallo March 15, 2001


Across the water
My eyes see light,
The fog always lifts
Awakening my sight.

I allow my cares
to roll like waves,
whitecaps crash soundly
I am no longer a slave.

I call to thee, Coventina
Overseer of water purification & dreams,
Help me cleanse & release my fears
A spiritual baptism in a stream

With the essence of divinity flowing thru
I grow stronger every day,
The guidance that I invoked & co-created
Now nothing stands in my way.

written be Tania Iagallo February 12, 2007

(written for my brother-in-law for his passing on 1/26/07)

As I write these words Geese fly over my head,
signifying your new journey has begun even though you are wed.
We didn't get to spend a lot of time together as a rule
but never-the-less deep down inside I know you thought I was cool.

The sadness I know is for those left behind
and someday soon you'll send me a sign.
I'll be waiting in anticipation for when that day arrives,
and rejoice with the angels that fly by your side.

I trust your in comfort in God's holy Palace,
drinking sacred nectar from the Illuminated Holy Chalice.
Now communing with past loved ones you lost along the way,
while you were still here on Earth living each precious day.

Your essence will be felt by us
when we see birds in flight,
as were never really apart, neither day nor night.

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