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"When I opened the Wah Lum Kung Fu and Tai Chi Academy in August 2006, I was immediately blessed with Tania Iagallo walking into the school a week later to become my Tai Chi student. Since then, Tania has become an integral part of the school. Not only Tania is recognized as a diligent Tai Chi student, she is respected by her fellow ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’ as the spiritual and energetic healer with the Yuen Method of Chinese Energetic. From the start, Tania has brought her skills, faculty, and tools to share with the Wah Lum Family during Meditation sessions. She’s led meditative moments with beautiful songs of the crystal bowls. She’s initiated celebratory events with thoughtful invocations. She’s led prayers to communicate with our animal friends. Finally, she’s danced with our Dragon with powerful drum beats. For months now, Tania has invited her fellow energetic healers to our school for their monthly gathering. Their work also contributes to the positive energy to the school environment.

Tania Iagallo has a natural gift by the Divine to communicate and share goodness. She is a great healer. She speaks of love and respect and has a true heart for animals. I am humble to have such a good person, whom at times I consider my peer and my teacher, as my student."

Sifu-Mai Du
Wah Lum Kung Fu and Tai Chi Academy


"I have found Tania Iagallo in the years that she has associated with me and the Yuen Method to be conscientious, competent and dedicated in the healing of not only people but the planet. I am proud to have her as a certified practitioner and representing this method of healing. I would recommend her to anyone who is in need of healing and wanting to start a healing clinic. I trust her competency and integrity."

Dr. Kam Yuen



Hi Tanya,
I thank you for the beautiful mists — I believe they have aided me already in bringing the first steps for prosperity — I was able to “say no” to someone at work today that I previously would not have been able to — it is a small but very important step.

I am so grateful for having discovered Tania and the Yuen Method. The work she has done for my family has been life changing for all of us. It is amazing how hidden and long-forgotten issues (either from this lifetime or another) can have such debilitating effects. We have discovered that our emotional and physical health issues and relationship and abundance issues were connected to different energetic levels. Tania has been able to make corrections resulting in immediate dispersal of existing symptoms though some may have required further time to process. She has been instrumental in clearing these layers of the onion to very deep levels which is definitely stirring up things in our lives for the better.  We have all learned so much from her.


Hi Tania

Thank you for a wonderful experience at the lecture/demo. It was very strange but it was all I could think about for a few days. I definitely felt a shift in me somewhere and I am extremely glad that I went. This was why I wanted an appointment with you, I knew that  you could help me. I was struggling with feelings of letting go and depression after going through a difficult period, during my session with you I felt very calm and peaceful. After the session I didn't feel a big shift and even for the next few days I was still thinking about my problems and then three or four days later, I felt as if a huge weight had been lifted off me. I was obviously not ready to receive the full healing until a few days after the session. Just as you said, if you are not ready for the healing the energy stays with you until  you are, you do not have to worry because as soon as you are ready, wow!! It's amazing, I feel like a different person now. I hope through your work more and more people learn how the Yuen method can help them in there lives. Thank you very much.

Montessori Teacher
Canton, MA

I am an R.N.of over 30 years and involved in alternative healing for almost as long. I first heard of the Yuen method last year and was immediately drawn to it. I went to an introduction given by Tania Iagallo and was very impressed,
not only with the information offered but with Tania herself. Tania is knowledgeable, sensitive, caring and compassionate. She presents herself in a way that the information offered is understood by all present. I have had 3 sessions so far and have seen and felt tremendous changes in areas that have troubled me for a long time. The Yuen Method goes to the CORE of all. I feel so blessed to have been guided to Tania and the Yuen method.        


Maryann Hickey  

My Name Is Tanya, and I have a three year old Great Dane, Stella. I heard of "Tania" through a friend of mine at work several months ago. I was faced with a very difficult situation with my dog and it was draining the life out of me. I initially had called Tania, to help me become more grounded and had heard of the yen method, but never experienced it myself.

I am a "believer" of many spirituality's and was looking for some guidance, during this terrible time in my life. I  will preface this by saying, I had never met her, or had seen her in person. When I made my first call to her it was as if we had been "friends" for life.

Aside from her psychic abilities to determine immediately, why I had called, she was also very soothing and informative. She explained to me that Stella, had serious health issues involving her chest and left lung in particular. I was questionable of that, as Stella was very ill, but nothing had been definitive from the "Doctors" perspective.

I have raised this beautiful animal on my own since she was 6 weeks old. Now she had been hospitalized and it looked as if she was not getting better, and the outlook was grim.

I had NO PRIOR conversations with Tania, she knew nothing of my situation or the condition of Stella. After several weeks of Stella in the hospital, the western medicine Doctors had arrived at a conclusion. She had fluid build up in her chest, and yes her left lung had in fact, been damaged!

This is something Tania spoke of to me during that fist phone call, but it had yet to be discovered from the beginning. Stella's Birthday was in January, and they felt she may not live to see three years old. The news of this was devastating to me, she is the sweetest love anyone could ask for, and I was not going down without a fight for her life.

When I called Tania from the Hospital I was an utter mess, my emotions were ruling my entire being! This wonderful loving  woman "saved" me. Tania, explained Stella had to have this surgery to preserve her life, and to help her, I needed to be more in control of my own, by releasing all negative thougths and replacing them with positive ones of hope and faith.

The months of despair, I had were being lifted from my body, to the point I could actually FEEL lighter and more focused. When we got off the phone and was still in the Doctors office, I made the decision for them to do the surgery. It was a very invasive procedure with not much hope. (according to them) I knew in my heart that Tania had been right all along, I trusted her judgment, and her abilities to see thing that others could not.

Needless to say, not only did Stella come out of her surgery, the whole staff at the hospital said "they had NEVER seen a dog recover as quickly as she did." She turned three in January and is doing fantastic! Tania and I continue to be in communication, via phone or email. This woman I would trust my life with, the tools she taught me, for myself were just as important as the "healing" she sent to my dog. I implicate the yen method on a daily basis.

I continue to keep myself grounded and focused. I will say we all have bad days, but when you see life from a different prospective, it is like seeing it for the fist time. I am filled with love and gratitude for Tania, she is an extremely intelligent woman with deep insight.

If you are in a position, to explore "alternative" thinking, please trust Tania will help you.

A  single phone call changed my entire life, and the life of my dog Stella.

With much love to my friend, Tanya Ntapalis


The content of this site is not intended to substitute the advise of a qualified physician, pharmacist or other licensed health care professional.

The Yuen method of Chinese Energetics is a no-contact, non-force technique which helps to return the body to a balanced state or homeostasis. Tania Iagallo, a Certified Practitioner, makes no guarantees as to the outcome of a session. Tania is not responsible for patient outcome.

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