Frequently Asked Questions

Q.   Does everyone have Angels around them?
A.   Yes. People and animals also. It feels like theres at least 2 angels per Earth based life forms. There are some that have more. You can call upon Angels or Archangels any time if you want more protection, guidance or comfort.
Q.   How can I get in touch
with my guides or Angels?
A.   It simply a matter of intent and communication. Place your intent on communing with the Celestial Realm and speak aloud or in your mind what you would like assistance on. They do not live in a time reality like humans so they know your desires before you have formulated them into words.  You co-create with them.  They will not do the work for you. They will gently guide you in the right direction but you are the master of your thoughts.
Q.   I speak with my Angels but hear nothing
in return. Am I not doing it right?
A.   There is no one way to communicate with your Angels. Not everyone is Clairaudient (clear hearing). The more you clear negative emotions, old belief systems, obstacles be it past, present or future, you become more sensitive to your intuitions & feelings (clairsentient). I explain to people when I do readings that their guides or Angels can show me visions for the client to validate or know but if it poses a problem, why not clear it with the Chinese Energetic's. Why just know an issues there, clear it along with all energetic memories.
Q.   Who are Angels? Where do they come from? What are they?
A.   Angels, Archangels, Fairy's, etc.. come from the Omnibenevolent GOD. (That the word I'm choosing to label that energy.) They are droplets of LOVE just like you and I but reside in a different dimension. We are all made of energy. Angels, Trees, Humans, Planets, even our thoughts are all various forms of energy. Anything tangible is 3dimensional, which is the realm we reside on.
Q.   How do you read your Angel cards
for your clients?
A.   I center, get grounded, call on my guides for protection & guidance then make sure the client calls upon whom ever they'd like to call in so my guides commune with theirs. I am the messenger for what your guides want to portray to you. I am a very clear channel for my clients mostly due to the Chinese Energetic's work I do on my self constantly. I also do not ask what the circumstance is, the angels always guide me to the correct cards for that situation and client.

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